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4 Ways Vacation Improves Your Health & Life

4 Ways Vacation Improves Your Health & LifeDo you know why vacation time is so important? Here are

4 things vacation does to improve your health & life!

I bet you can't come up with all 4! Take a minute and write

down what you think the 4 benefits of vacation are and see

if you are correct!

When we are young, vacation for most implies a

schedule filled with adventure, fun and "me" time. We dream

about vacation for weeks. We can hardly wait. When the day

arrives, we say goodbye to work, or school and hello to fun

and exhale an exhilarated sigh of "Ahhhh....Vacation!"

As the pressure of life grows, it becomes easy to lose sight of

the purpose for vacation and let our lives get out of balance.

What motivates you now to take vacation time?

Here are some real benefits based on research.

Vacations may help you live longer - A study by the State

University of New York at Oswego that surveyed 12,000 men

between ages 35 and 57, found that men who go on vacation

every year reduce their overall risk of death by 20%. The

Framington Heart Study indicates women who regularly take

time off have a 50% lower risk for heart attack.

Vacations can raise energy levels - Experts from the

University of Pittsburgh and Radboud University both

said that people had more energy and felt more satisfied with

life on vacation.

Vacation free your mind -The author of " How To Succeed In

Business..."Robert Kriegel says that many workers get their

best ideas away from work and Los Angeles

psychologist, Robert Butterworth told ABC, "The break will

allow you to refresh your brain cells."

Vacations can strengthen relationships -A Wisconsin

Medical Journal published findings that women who take two

or more vacations a year are less likely to be depressed, tired,

or unhappy with their marriage.

Sorry guys... I guess you better take that special girl on a

few more vacations!

If you still believe you can't take a vacation and there is too

much at stake, in one way, you are right. There is too much at

stake: The toll on your long term vitality, health and energy.

Stress affects everyone differently. It is well documented that

high levels of stress can contribute to heart disease, cancer,

digestive issues and sleep deprivation. Stress can elevate

cortisol levels and reduce the strength of your immune system.

You have the choice. What's your vacation motivation going to

be? Go ahead, adjust your lifestyle and take a vacation.

You deserve it!

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